I am Uma, .Net software architect & developer with several years of industry experience. I started my career as systems executive, then became a software trainer, then moved on to software development and now a software architect cum project manager.

As a trainer, I have created a lot of software professionals who still remember me. I have worked in different industries developing in different technologies. My expertise is in .Net. I am also good at PHP, MySQL & Magento.

In every software I developed, I have come across atleast 1 difficult task for which I would have spent days & nights to finish. Once it is done, I only relax. I have never thought about opening up a blog & posting them as articles to help other developers. Now, it’s time to do it. I will post here, those tough code pieces I developed as and when they come up. I would also like to post some simple code pieces with tips&tricks to give you a quick look to what you were searching for.