Commonly known File Systems and their maximum file size.

Today, I bought a new 16GB USB drive to watch movies above 4GB size in our HD TV. The default file system of my USB device was FAT32. While trying to copy the file (4.67GB size) into my USB device, I received an error. “File size is larger than the maximum size of the file system”. Later when I searched on internet I found that the maximum size supported by FAT32 system is just 4GB. Google search couldn’t return a table like the one below too. So, here is the easy table to help everyone.

The below table is applicable only to file systems supported by Windows. I am planning to upgrade this table to show all types of file systems in near future.

File Sytem Type Max. File Size
FAT32 4 GB
exFAT– supported in USB device. Extended FAT. 16 EiB (Closely related to Exabyte[EB])
NTFS 15 EiB – 1KB (format)

16 TB – 16KB (implementation)

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