Oracle TNSListener windows service won’t start – SOLVED

Sleepless night. I wanted to shift from 32bit Oracle11g XE to 64bit Oracle11gXE. Started this yesterday evening and still not finished the move successfully. Got stuck with small issues but with big impact. Here is one such small issue.

I downloaded & installed Oracle11g XE 64 bit on my 64bit virtual server. Installation was successful. But Oracle TNSListener windows service is not starting. Through Windows Service (services.msc), I do not get a proper error message. Initially it was “TNSListener is configured as interactive service. The dependent service is not started”. So I started “Interactive Services”. But still, this issue was not solved.

There was also no useful information in Event Log (eventvwr).

After some thinking, I decided to start listener service from command prompt. So, go to command prompt & type “lsnrctl start”. Now here, I could see the proper error message


With “No Message” data, I made a google search & found this link Here, he is referring to Solaris server. But that doesn’t matter. What was more important was the Environment Variables “ORACLE_HOME” & “ORACLE_SID” that he was referring to.

I created them as System Environment Variables.



Now, closed command prompt & opened a new instance and tried the same command – “lsnrctl start”. BINGO. IT WORKED



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